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If you’re anything like me, you love your husband…but sometimes you realllly don’t like him.

(Don’t worry, sister, I know the feeling.)

After years of nagging and rolling my eyes with a response that was less than stellar from my husband, I found some answers to unlocking the exceptional relationship that I truly desired.  Now I’m on a mission to help you find your best friend again – that person you want to spend with and can’t get enough of.  I’m here to help you get your marriage back on track and thinking your man is hot stuff again.  There’s a reason you married him after all!

If this is you, you’re in the right place!

A List of Things I Want for You…

I know life has thrown curveballs your way….you’re dealing with grief, additiction, medical diagnosis, and sharing kids with exes…oh, the exes…they alone destroy your bliss with one passive aggressive text.  What I don’t want for you is years wasted on floundering through how to manage all the things and still grow. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way how to take control of my own life and create my own happiness.  And I’ve got your back!

To help you realize how incredible, powerful, and unique you are...and how the world (and your man) are SO lucky to have you be a part of it.

A heart-centered marriage that leads to REAL happiness.

The power to know that change starts WITH YOU.

To laugh. A LOT.

Feeling that you have the tools to communicate more effectively with your spouse.

To help bridge that weird gap you’re feeling in your marriage.

Hey There, I’m Rachel.

I love Starbucks iced tea, all things nachos – pulled pork, veggie, beef, you put the word nacho in it and I’ll eat it, words that connect to the heart, and deep conversations that make you feel alive and less alone. And YOU, friend, are not alone.

I think the days of bullshit perfection on social media has led us to believe that our marriages should be perfect and easy (and that we should be taking blissful selfies in Maui together, after we’ve gone skinny dipping in the crystal clear water…because, well, that’s what marriage is about, right?)

Are you laughing too? I know you’ve seen those posts on Instagram.

What I know for sure, is that many so many women feel the marriage struggle…but then they internalize those feelings and lash out when they don’t feel understood by their man. And the resentment builds, the words become hurtful, and if he falls asleep without helping put the kids to bed ONE MORE TIME, you’re going to…

This is where MY soul comes to life, because I know exactly how that feels. I love being able to serve my clients so they can level up their marriage in a FUN, healthy and authentic way that leads to happiness (and a lot more laughter). 

As a divorced (and now remarried) mom of one (now four), I know that nurturing your marriage is not on your list of things to do! (Helloooooo laundry, school projects, and rushing back to the grocery store because you forgot your kid’s favorite cheese for pizza…)

I see you.

Or maybe you’re ignoring your marriage all together because it’s just easier. (I see you watching those YouTube videos, sister! No judgment here!) At the same time, you know marriage IS something you should be prioritizing, because, well, your health, happiness and family are on the line.

Are you ready to own your part?

Rachel ballard

If your marriage isn’t working…

Then you have to start working your marriage.

But there is SO much distraction and chaos in your life that something feels off. A disconnect. Then you add the endless the perfectly curated IG feeds, the posts about “my sweet #MCM just proposed AGAIN on our 15th anniversary and surprised me with a trip to PARIS!” and it makes you throw up in your mouth because that would NEVER happen in your house!

Your marriage CAN be great, and built on the foundation of love, lust and loyalty! I’m here to help you make your marriage one that feels like YOU. Genuine love, authentic communication and a LOT of mutual respect.

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to Your Story.

Realizing I could work to fix myself…that was a moment I’ll never forget. The work I put into transforming was long and frustrating because, well honestly, because Google didn’t speak to me.  The help I needed simply wasn’t there for someone who wanted an answer that would force me to take ownership of my part of why things weren’t working. I didn’t want to depend on the church, or frankly, my husband.  So, here I am. I’m creating that resource and sharing it with you, sister, because I know you need it.

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