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I am a marriage strategist whose soul-work is to teach women from all relationship backgrounds easy, practical and actionable steps for building a heart-centered, solid partnership with their spouse (on the days where it’s realllly hard to like ‘em).  A great place to start is to reignite that spark betweeen you and your husband (where life has gotten in the way).  Get our 50 sexy texts to get the fire going again.

I Want the Spark Back!

So you want to improve your marriage, but don’t know where to start?

I’ve been there too, sister! But let me assure you, YOU BELONG RIGHT HERE, right now. Look, you know you want to be married to your husband and you know you want it to work.  Things have been happening that are making you drift farther apart (and maybe this has been happening for a while). Life is getting in the way. That’s NORMAL. This is something that so many marriages go through. You aren’t alone. I promise, there is a way to become best friends with your husband again and I want to help you get there.

The How to Like Your Husband podcast

Marriage is Tough.
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Pick the biggest challenge in your marriage and dig into actionable, relatable tips for improving your friendship and building a solid, connected partnership.

Not Your Typical

Marriage Podcast

Through her authentic and inspiring marriage content, supportive Facebook community and a hilariously funny new podcast, Rachel cultivates authentic, heart-centered and actionable strategies for women all over the world to start liking their husbands more (because sometimes, sister, it ain’t easy)!  

She will show you how to put in the hard work and why becoming more self-aware is the key to success (even when you feel like you can’t sustain your marriage one more day). Rachel will shine a light on how you can generate loving energy into your partnership and (re)discover the foundation of your marriage, as you choose to move closer to designing a life (and solid friendship) with your husband built on love, lust, and loyalty!

Work With Me
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Get Ready to Create the Ultimate Connection with Your Husband (that’s fun and exciting)!

A solid marriage takes both serious head and heart work…but it also takes YOU (yes, you) getting out of your comfort zone on occasion (that’s when all the supposed growth happens, right)?

Well, girlfriend, you are in the right place!

There are so many ways to connect with your man in fun and genuine ways and all it requires is getting the heck out of that busy head of yours! 

Don’t worry, you should see what’s going on in mine!

Girl, I have a lot of tools in my back pocket to get my husband’s attention, and I’m here to share my secret with YOU. Nothing has worked as well in all the years of my marriage as a well-timed text message! It’s a spark, connection, and immediate attention grabber all rolled into a few little sentences.

 I want to share with you EXACTLY how to I use my handy iPhone, my creative mind, and an occasional romance novel to change YOUR marriage just like it changed mine.

Join me and I’ll give you all the juicy details!

Yes, I Want That Spark Back!

Life is GOOD!

We marry our best friend, and then life gets hard and it pulls us apart.  We can quickly forget how much we love each other when the everyday routine just never ends.  My ultimate goal is for every woman to feel empowered to take on their marriage and get their best friend back.  There is no greater feeling than going to bed at night feeling so happy and blessed that you are with him.

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